Scent Marketing

Scent marketing is becoming a powerful marketing tool as brands discover the role scent plays in connecting with customers on an emotional level. Scent makes a brand identity more unique, strengthens customer loyalty and adds to the perception of quality, an element that’s essential to every brand in today’s competitive market.

Every day businesses are discovering this firsthand and capitalizing on the well documented associative powers of smell. Some businesses even consider scent an integral part of their overall image, along with music, logos and décor.

Many traditional marketing tools have become rusty and are sitting in the bottom of the box. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or any social network — cannot deliver in 140 characters what scent can provide in a simple whiff of air. In targeting the sense of smell for marketing and branding, businesses create emotions, recall memories associated with their brand and distinguish their products from the competition.

Scented marketing products are most effective when combined with other sensory triggers, such as sight, sound and textures to create a unique customer experience. Scent can trigger a memory or desire that influences a purchase decision. Simply put, aromas trigger memories - memories influence emotions - emotions set moods. And moods dictate reaction.

Imagine being able to enhance your brand on every sensory level and continue connecting with customers long after you've closed your doors. You can, through the use of scent.

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