ClearBurst Labels

ClearBurst labels are a patented, scent sampling device that delivers encapsulated oils held between two layers of film substrate. When the consumer peels back the top ply, it ruptures the microcapsules delivering an accurate rendition of your scent. ClearBurst labels can be sampled multiple times as the encapsulation heals itself when the ply is resealed. Unopened, the scent has a shelf life of at least one year. There is no pre-scent until the label is opened.

ClearBurst labels are the only scent sampling label approved by the USPS for use on a mailing piece with no cover or envelope. They can be used on a postcard and will not add to the cost of postage..

The labels are available in virtually any shape or size in up to six colors. They can be made clear to showcase printed graphics or can be printed to actively interact or compliment the printed graphics. ClearBurst labels are perfect for use in marketing fine fragrance, consumer products, sales promotions and events.

Auto Release ClearBurst Labels

Also available, our Auto Release ClearBurst Label affixes to the inside of a a folder or flap and applied with a glue spot on the opposite page. Once the consumer flips to the next reader or opens an insert, the ClearBurst self-separates releasing the microcapsules delivering an accurate rendition of your product's specific scent. The ClearBurst label can be sampled multiple times. Unopened the encapsulated scent has a shelf life of at least a year.

This versatile scent delivery device acts as a novelty piece that can deliver your company message through every angle of print advertising.

Aquatouch and Aquaflex

Sixth Scents Encapsulated AquatouchTM/Aquascreen Coatings and varnish:

Another scent sampling device more commonly known as Touch & Burst is one of the most popular and least expensive products available today. This can be used for fine fragrance, beauty, personal care, consumer product, food, and beverage sampling. The encapsulated oils are released when the microcapsules containing the scent oils are broken by touch or scratching. We formulate the microcapsules into sheet fed and web varnishes, as well as water based formulations for flexo or aqueous coater applications. Recently many clients are beginning to take notice of our spot aqueous coating technology "Aquatouoch" our encapsulated aqueous fragrance coatings. Applications have been on packaging, within printed case bound books, on product sell sheets and in printed catalog/mailer form.

Our application process will typically allow for more than 100 interactions within a 1.25" sample area that only requires a light touch of your fingertip across the sample area to experience the sample.

Scents-able Coatings

Scents-able Coatings embed essential oils into the fibers of the paper prior to the printing production. Our coatings can be applied to almost any uncoated paper in multiple weights. There is no activation required by the consumer. The embedded oils slowly emit the scent by process of evaporation.

Scents-able Coatings can be printed using our recommended UV print production process, delivering superior 4 color reproduction of your creative graphics. This unique media can be die cut, embossed and stamped like any normal uncoated paper. These applications will not affect the scent rendition once manufacturing and curing is complete. Scents-able Coatings can also be applied via silk screen, roller coater, or IR/UV coater making it affordable in different quantities and sizes.

This scent application must be kept fresh via BOPP or laminated film pouches until opening to activate.

Fragrance Strips

Fragrance Strips are used in magazine and catalog inserts, bind-ins, blow-ins, statement enclosures and remittance envelopes where a paper flap is pulled back to release micro encapsulated scent. The fragrance strip is a flexible and diverse tool that can deliver your product's unique scent.

If you are looking to deliver more than one scent, the Fragrance Strip can be manufactured to deliver multiple scent renditions. Whether targeting a large audience through mass advertising or a specific demographic through a direct mail campaign, the Fragrance Strip is a cost effective solution.

Fragrance Strips can be run for full page magazines, bind-in inserts and blow-in inserts. For critical custom fragrance work, we run 70 or 80# Sterling Fragrance Gloss Text. For less critical scent matching, our heaviest stock is 9pt and our lightest is 50# text.

Fragrance Blotters

Blotters allow your customers to sample products at the point of sale where impulse buying is most effective. SixthScents will assist in custom designing your blotter cards to spec through our print, die cutting and embossing capabilities. We are experts on the different cover and blotter papers most suitable for your defined use.

Pre Scented Fragrance Blotters

SixthScents professional chemists have the ability to recreate a duplicate of your product scent while maintaining the integrity of the fragrance characteristics and intensity. Our special BOPP packaging guarantees your product's freshness and longevity.

Not only can scented blotters be used at point of purchase, they are highly effective when used as a sampling tool in direct mail.

Scratch & Sniff Labels

Scratch and Sniff labels are an inexpensive scent delivery device that can be combined with printed art and copy with any scent you specify. The labels are available on rolls or in sheet (kiss cut/die cut) forms and can be printed in up to six colors. They are available in semi-gloss, dull or uncoated finishes and can be die cut into virtually any shape.

There are virtually no limitations to the applications and use of this product. The oils are released when the microcapsules containing the scent oils are broken by touch or scratching. Scratch and Sniff is not approved for mailing on any postcard product.

Scented Varnish with Scratch and Sniff

Scented varnish is the most economical means of incorporating scent into your printed marketing materials. We offer both scratch & sniff (for gravure, flexo or AQ coater application) and scented varnish products (for “dry” offset – web or sheet fed) - printed spots of scent which are seamlessly integrated into your printed graphics that need to be activated by touch to release their scent.

Scented varnish can be made in:
- offset varnish form (lightest scent delivery)
- offset Aqueous based coating form (medium strength scent delivery)
- UV form (medium scent delivery)
- silk screen, Flexographic, or offset (sheet fed and web) applications

Vial Sampler

The perfume vial is attached to a custom designed card, printed and stamped to promote your company and brand. The vial sampler is used in retail at point of purchase and direct mail. The VOC is not just a sampling device for the perfume industry. It can be used as a carrier for virtually any industry.

Our Vial Samplers are available in 2, 4 and 6 page formats. They are available in up to 8 colors, can be aqueous or UV finished and can be die cut into many shapes.

Scent Barrier Envelope

Our Scent Barrier envelopes keep all scented products “fresh” until received and opened by the consumer. Our Scent Barrier envelopes meet all USPS automated mailing requirements. We offer custom printing of your logo or graphics on the Scent Barrier envelopes, and they can be custom manufactured in any size and multiple paper stocks.

Scent Barrier Envelopes are USPS approved for national and international mailing, and are designed to be automatically inserted for mass mailing.

BOPP Sealers

SixthScents can also package your scent coated finished products or scratch and sniff products using these attractive and perfectly clear products that act as excellent scent barriers that will significantly improve the longevity of your finished products.